Mission: SlimPOSSIBLE 6-month Weigh Ins!


Congratulations on reaching the 6-month mark!

You have one mission again this year! And your 6-month mission is….you guessed it! A 6-month weigh in! Just find your office in the schedule below and walk in to get weighed.  We’d also love to hear how you’re doing six months later! So drop us a line at: wellbeing@mvphealthcare.com

It’s been six months since we began the successes and challenges of losing weight. And we’re here to check in with you and remind you that the team is available all year to provide support even when the challenge is on hiatus. So check out the Mission SlimPOSSIBLE page and revisit some of the program’s great resources like Week 1’s Build a Healthy Plate, Week 5’s Good Sleep Habits, or one of our weekly videos!

Location Date Time Where
Schenectady Nov 2nd &     Nov 4th 12:00-2:00pm Main Lobby
Tarrytown Nov 4th &   Nov 6th 12:00 – 2:00pm Wellness Room
Rochester Nov 5th & Nov 6th 11/5: 11am –  12:30pm

11/6: 12pm – 1:30pm

Syracuse Week of Nov 2nd  – Nov 6th Contact Bridget Cowlin for time/location
Utica Week of Nov 2nd  – Nov 6th Contact Renee Rouillier for time/location
Fishkill Week of Nov 2nd  – Nov 6th Email your weight and coworker ID # to wellbeing@mvphealthcare.com
Vermont Week of Nov 2nd  – Nov 6th Contact David Parsons for time/location
E-workers Week of Nov 2nd  – Nov 6th E-mail your weight and coworker ID # to wellbeing@mvphealthcare.com

Wear PINK on Wednesday, October 7th!


How many times have you heard “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month” but didn’t know how to take action? Two words encapsulate this—support and education.


Wear Pink on October 7!
One way to take action is to support the cause by wearing pink during October. At MVP, we’ve designatedWednesday, October 7 as Wear Pink Day! Pink can come in any form—a tie, a shirt, a sweater, a ribbon. When you wear pink on the 7th, be sure to take a selfie andsend it to us! Don’t forget to pose with coworkers, friends, and family who are also in the pink. You may see yourself in a future issue of MVPnews!

The second—and ultimately most important—way to take action is to educate yourself about breast cancer. This includes getting informed about risk factors, when to get screened, and how to perform a self-exam. Watch this video from the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) about self-exams. You can also visit Beyond The Shock, a website created by the NBCF as a learning destination for breast cancer. Here you can learn more about the different types, stages, and treatments for breast cancer, ask questions (and get answers), and hear stories from real people.
Getting Tested
The American Cancer Society suggests yearly screening for all women age 40 and older. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends women ages 50 to 74 get a mammogram every two years. Call your doctor and discuss whether you should get a mammogram.
Understanding Different Diagnoses
The most common type of breast cancer is called ductal carcinoma, which begins in the cells of the breast ducts. Cancer that begins in the lobes or lobules is called lobular carcinoma and is more often found in both breasts than are other types of breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer is an uncommon type of breast cancer in which the breast is warm, red, and swollen.

Risk Factors
Take a close look at the infographic below, courtesy of the CDC. It includes information about what you need to know regarding risk factors and when to get screened. Print out a copy and bring it with you to discuss with your doctor.

breast_infographic_600px (1)

Biometric Screenings This Week!


Sign up now for a 15-minute biometric screening for all coworkers and spouses who have MVP health insurance members!

By completing a biometric screening, you are half way there to earning $300 dollars through Wellstyle Rewards, part of MVP’s Wellstyle Extras!

Syracuse Wednesday 9/16 2 pm – 3 pm
Schenectady Thursday 9/17 9 am – 4 pm
Schenectady Friday 9/18 9 am – 4 pm
Tarrytown Monday 9/21 11 am – 4 pm
Rochester Tuesday 9/29 9 am – 5 pm

Sign up for a biometric screening session in your office. To make an appointment, just follow the steps outlined here:

  1. Go to https://lawprod.hq.mvphealthcare.com/lawson/portal and enter your network username and password
  2. Then click Training on left-hand side of the screen
  3. Click Registration by Course in the left-hand navigation bar
  4. Scroll down and click Biometric Screening
  5. You will see choices pop up on the right-hand side reading To Register, Select a Session; scroll down and find the session that works for you, then click on the hyperlinked number to reserve your spot!

That’s it! You are done and registered! Simply add it to your calendar.

Please email wellbeing@mvphealthcare.com with any questions.

Mission SlimPOSSIBLE Winners Announced!


Winners of this year’s Mission: SlimPOSSIBLE are:

 1st Place Male: Jerry Valoze

1st Place Female: Katrina Clay

2nd Place Male: David Hohman

2nd Place Female: Emily Gorman

3rd Place Male: Richard Odorizzi

3rd Place Female: Deborah Williams

Winning Teams of this year’s Mission: SlimPOSSIBLE are:

 Skinny Minnies – Jessica Parker, Jennifer Mills, Joesphine DeFilippo, Kyle Rowe and Maura Kristel

Thighsman Trophy Winners – Joan Peno, Donna Sanchez, Shannon Wagoner, Kristi Pucci, Michelle Santiago, and Angela Liscio

We’re Not Gonna Bake It – Jan Can, Judy Morrison, Lauren LaDue, Christine Lebowski, Doug Timby and Debbie Turner

Congratulations to everyone for participating! Whether you lost, gained or maintained your weight you should be proud of yourself for choosing to participate. We know it wasn’t easy, but you made it! We hope that you continue to practice the healthy habits introduced to you and utilize the resources you received throughout the challenge.

Check out the full story on MVPNet News and don’t forget to take the Mission SlimPOSSIBLE post-survey!

Let Your Voice Be Heard


Win an Amazon gift card! Take the Journey To Well-Being(SM) Survey now.

gift card
Take our short survey now! To make sure the JTWB team offers programs of interest to you, we want and NEED to hear from you! Plus, you’ll be entered to win one of three Amazon gift cards valued at $50.00 each! So go ahead and start now!

Your answers make a difference! Because of  your feedback, the following programs have been brought to you by Journey To Well-Being!

 Couch to 5k

Fitness Classes

Mission SlimPOSSIBLE

Chair Massage

 Don’t forget, YOUR voice makes a huge impact on our wellness programs! So take the JourneyTo Well-Being(SM)Survey now!

Healthy Brown Bag Lunch Ideas


Preparing your own lunch is not only cheaper, but healthier than the average take out. Easily control your portion size and calorie intake by bringing your own lunch to work. And also reach your daily veggie consumption goal! These recipes are good for you and your wallet.

Grilled Veggie and Hummus Wrap

Grilled Veggie and Hummus Wraps

Asian Tuna Salad

Asian tuna salad


Make a big pot on Sunday to eat the week ahead!

See how to make this recipe

Creamy Tarragon Chicken Salad

Put on whole wheat bread, lettuce wraps or on top of a green salad.

Creamy Tarragon Chicken Salad

Mozzarella, Orzo and Snap Pea Salad

Get all the BBQ flavor and not the fat with these recipes!


You can eat well throughout the summer without losing the flavor and taste you crave. Use the recipes below to help you enjoy the holiday without hindering your journey to well being!

Watermelon Feta Salad

Watermelon Feta Salad

Sweet watermelon with salty feta equals the perfect combination for a tasty side dish. Easy and quick recipe with a lot of flavor! View the full recipe here. 

Pork & Veggie Kebabs

A twist on the typical kebab, pork is a leaner alternative to beef. Pair with grilled veggies for an entree packed with vitamins and fiber that our bodies need! View the full recipe here.

Kale Pesto Pasta Salad

Ancient Harvest Gluten-Free Caprese Pasta Salad

This recipe is a great alternative for fat-heavy, traditional pasta salad. A simple homemade kale pesto is sure to impress your guests and your taste buds. Use gluten-free pasta if you’re trying to avoid wheat. View the full recipe here. 

Grilled Salmon

soy sauce grilled salmon

Salmon is packed with essential omega- 3 fatty acids, vitamin D and protein. Click here for 4 grilled salmon recipes for you to include on your BBQ menu.

Fruit Flag

Arrange banana slices, raspberries and blueberries on skewers to make this festive desert! Fruit is a sweet treat that contains significantly less fat and calories than traditional cake and cupcake deserts.

Mission: SlimPOSSIBLE is coming!


Mission: SlimPOSSIBLE is a 12-week, weight loss challenge that will help you to gradually build healthy habits that allow you to lose weight and keep it off. Resources will be provided, but it’s up to you to choose the best tools for your success.

Weigh-ins start on April 28th. Click here for the schedule of weigh-ins. Participants must fill out the pre-survey any time before May 8th AND attend a weigh-in to officially sign up. The challenge begins on May 4th and runs 12 weeks. There will be a 6 week and 12 week weigh in that participants must attend to be eligible for prizes. Keep reading MVPnews and MVPnet for info as we get closer!

Grand prize winners announced for MyJourney 2014!


You’ve been waiting all year, so here it is! The 3 (major activity raffle) winners of the GRAND PRIZE weekend getaway are in! Congratulations to the following:

Bridget Cowlin (Syracuse office) for participating in Mission: SLIMpossible, plus losing over 10% body weight in that time. Bridget has won a weekend getaway to Mirbeau Inn and Spa.

Nicholas Hart (Rochester office) for participating in all 6 months of Mission: SLIMpossible! Nicholas has won a weekend getaway to the Belhurst Castle. Click here to read Nicholas’ personal Journey.

Kimberly Johnson (Schenectady office) for quitting smoking for at least 3 months and taking advantage of the tobacco-free discount! Kimberly has won a weekend getaway to the Mohonk Mountain House.

These three individuals, along with several other MyJourney 2014 participants, made significant behavior changes over the past year. These accomplishments are highly beneficial to their health and overall well-being. While there are only three grand prize winners, all individuals who completed a Major Activity for MyJourney 2014 should be very proud! Keep up the great work and stay tuned for more Journey to Well-Being programs!

The 10-Minute Workout Solution


Has it been a long time since you were active? Has your doctor encouraged you to start getting more active? If so, the thought of heading back to the gym might seem like a daunting task. Or maybe it seems too hard to squeeze a daily workout into your busy schedule.

Here’s a possible solution. What if, instead of creating a whole long workout routine to get back into shape, you went on 3 10-minute walks a day? Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Even a 10-minute walk can have a big impact on your health—an impact for the better. Those 3 10-minute walks add up to 30 minutes a day. And research suggests that just 30 minutes of walking, 3 days a week can lower blood pressure and shrink waist and hip size. It can also increase your overall fitness.

Don’t let the size of your goals discourage you or slow you down. Instead, focus on small changes. Pretty soon, your body might be fit and healthy, and wanting more.

Source: www.healthyroads.com

For more information and materials to enhance the success of your worksite wellness program, log in to the Work Well, Live Well Website for Employers.

An Important Reminder About Your WellStyle Rewards From Journey to Well-Being


Healthyroads is launching their newly redesigned website on January 1, 2015. It will have an exciting new look and feel to it as well as a more responsive mobile website. Due to the redesigned website rollout, Healthyroads will be shutting down their current website on December 28, 2014 at 6pm EST. It will be up again on January 1, 2015 at 8am EST.

For WellStyle Rewards members, all activities must be completed by 6pm EST on 12/28/2014 to receive credit for the 2014 WellStyle Reward incentive plan. Healthyroads will be sending an email to all members who have not completed earning points toward their incentive or who have not redeemed their reward.

Looking for Some Delicious Healthier Recipes? You’re in Luck!


As many of you have requested, we have added a ‘Recipes’ section to the Journey to Well-Being website where coworkers can share their favorite, healthier recipes with other coworkers. Click Here to be directed to the Recipes page (or, under Resources, click on the ‘Recipes’ tab), and then simply click ‘Reply’ and start sharing!

MVP Selected as Honoree of the 2014 Workplace Wellness Awards!!


The Workplace Wellness Awards honors organizations for doing an outstanding job bringing wellness to the workplace.

On November 6th, MVP representatives attended a breakfast at SRC Arena, which recognized all honorees selected for the 2014 awards. At the breakfast, attendees gained valuable wellness resources, contacts from the networking, and best practices. MVP will also be profiled in the Workplace Wellness Awards special event section of the Business Journal!

This is a wonderful accomplishment that MVP should be very proud of!

WWA Honorees-Group Photo

Real Life Food and Fitness to Visit Rochester Office


On Tues. Sept. 9 AND Fri. Sept.12th from 11:30am-12:30pm in Lower Level 222, come learn how you can order healthy meals that will be delivered to MVP.  You will also hear about the programs Real Life Food and Fitness offers at their location on 1290 University Ave.

Please send all questions to Debbie Fredley at dfredley@mvphealthcare.com.

Conbeer’s Farm 2014 CSA


The 2014 CSA Season is starting soon. Schenectady coworkers will again have the option to join Conbeer’s Farm. Half shares are available for $19.25 per week and full shares are available for $23.75 per week. Shares include a weekly distribution of in-season vegetables and fruits, raised naturally without chemical herbicides and pesticides. Everything is hand harvested at optimal ripeness providing a fresh, superior food. Click here to learn more about Conbeer’s Farm and get the registration form.



Welcome to the 12-week, MISSION: SLIMPOSSIBLE Weight Loss Challenge!

To officially register, please fill out the Pre-Survey with your most up to date weight: Pre-Survey

To register as a team, email wellbeing@mvphealthcare.com with your Team Name and team members (please include first and last name with 5 coworkers max).


Fact Sheet

For more information, click here to visit our official MISSION: SLIMPOSSIBLE webpage!

Dress In Blue Day!


DIBD_CoBrandRGBURLFriday, March 7 is Dress in Blue Day to honor colon cancer survivors and raise awareness, and we invite you once again to wear blue to show your support! We’ll have some fun activities and giveaways as well, such as…

  • Wear and Share!—Send a picture of you and/or your team in your blue attire to wellbeing@mvphealthcare.com. Each MVP employee submitted will be entered into a drawing for Regal movie tickets!
  • The Blue and the Beautiful!—For those who’d like to turn casual Friday on its head, wear your finest blue apparel (suits, gowns, etc) and be entered into a second special drawing for a gift certificate to a restaurant in your area! Just include the words “Blue and Beautiful” in your subject line to be entered.

Stay tuned to MVPnet and MVPnews for more information!

Journey to Well-Being Weight Watchers Survey Wrap Up


Thank you to all MVP coworkers who completed the Weight Watchers Survey Monkey.  Journey to Well-Being always appreciates feedback! What’s great about Weight Watchers at work is that you’ll get access to website tools and there is no need to travel. Journey to Well-Being is considering this program in for the Fall season (early September), so stay tuned for more information!

Weight Watchers Survey and Success Stories


Journey to Well-Being is exploring the option of offering on-site Weight Watchers programming for 12 weeks to our employees in Schenectady and Rochester. Click here to learn more and to take our brief coworker interest survey so that we can accurately measure coworker interest in this program.

If you are interested in seeing the positive impact Weight Watchers can have on weight loss, check out these success stories of Brian, David and Jamie for inspiration!

Thank you in advance for your input!